Eurotrip Roundup.

so our time in saint moritz was extended not once but twice due to epic powder conditions. so my 10 day trip turned into a 3 week powderfest. ┬áhere’ a few photos to summarized the trip.

EURO-3469-2 EURO-1260540 EURO-1260583 EURO-1260623 EURO-1260682 EURO-1260831 EURO-1260953 EURO-1260993 EURO-1270054 EURO-1270121 EURO-1270150 EURO-1270231 EURO-1270305 EURO-1270348 EURO-1260775 EURO-1270386 EURO-1270491 EURO-1270591 EURO-1270663 EURO-1270742 EURO-1270748 EURO-1270992 EURO-1280082